Modeling and Simulation:

Our modeling and simulation capabilities include expertise in finite element analysis software, ANSYS, Matlab, FEMLab, FLUENT, HSPICE, AutoCADD, SolidWorks and ABAQUS. Our expertise includes FEM and other analysis for structural, mechanical, thermal, and electronic systems. We will help you select right design with full capability. Technology Research: Let us do research and literature survey for you in your next big innovation, intellectual property filing and technology policy formulation. We will provide you information you can use with peace of mind and protect intellectual properties.

Current Efforts

  • Fluid Solid Interaction (FSI) to design and predict heat dissipation, erosion, reaction kinetics and materials processing.
  • Mathematical Modeling and simulation of process, materials behavior & dynamical systems, 
  • Finite Element Analysis of mechanical components, thermal and electrical system
Here are some of the live projects:

Thermal management of concentrated solar panel (CSP):

Model, design and fabricating an evacuated heat-pipe based thermal siphon cools the 500X CSP under 70oC. Our solution essentially passive thermal solution maintains the CSP temperature low for efficient and reliable operation.

Biogas Digester Operation

A biogas digester produces clean and free energy from organic trash. Smooth and low maintenance operation with more reliable biogas supply is important to a customer. We designed and explained the dynamics of operation through mathematical model and the simulation results which depicts within 80% of digester response.  It also suggests optimized set of parameters—temperature, PH, slurry concentration, and flow rates--for stable operation. Slurry digestion and gas production is a complex dynamical process; our scientists were able to simulate real life biogas digesters with the computer generated parameters. We also developed computational method to solve highly complex systems efficiently where most of the conventional software and methods give up. We modeled and tuned biogas digester process for various process parameters that can save millions of dollars in designing digesters and make its operation more consistent. This strategy help produce high quality biogas while keeping the operational and capital cost low.

Finite Element Analysis

We carry out finite element modeling to study thermal, mechanical and reliable aspects. We approach engineering issues with local-global modeling where we estimate the effects of local features on global model. We simplify the bigger system interaction in global scale, while we use the intricate design features locally. As a result our customers can get result sooner and more accurate.

Science Tomorrow has developed finite element models of microelectronic packages to predict reliability.  A mathematical model of all mechanical and thermal characteristics of the package structure was developed. After the model was constructed and validated, ScienceTomorrow undertook quality and reliability studies. ScienceTomorrow used design of experiments (DOE) to interrogate the package reliability under thermal stresses and mechanical loads. Aside from the technical skill required to understand the use and limitations of the design of experiments approach, this effort also required a sophisticated understanding and use of reliability physics and statistics, especially related to the plastic work function of solder materials. In addition, the large volume of data and post processing generated required the ability to catalog, retain and generally administrate the effort that lasted well over six months. It also had a cost savings of $60,000 over the original estimate and comparable resources.