Whether you're interested in joining ScienceTomorrow, LLC or just want to find out more about us, we're glad you decided to stop by. We are always looking for people or organization who are driven, resourceful, creative and a talented team player.

At ScienceTomorrow we give you the resources to be a revolutionary. We encourage you to work whichever way works best for you. You're free to explore new and exciting areas. After all, that's where the innovations come from. We practice situation leadership concepts that will unleash the best in you.

Reasons to Join ScienceTomorrow:

  • Equal opportunity employer,
  • Committed to hiring a diverse workforce including individuals of all genders, ages, nations, cultures, ethnic groups, and physical abilities,
  • Great atmosphere for innovation,
  • Career development assistance
  • Employee benefits
  • Performance based compensation/ rewards

We are currently looking for:

Marketing major intern:

US Citizen to work on market research for one or more sensors currently under development. This position is in Stafford, VA about 40 miles south of Washington DC.

Analyze Market Opportunity for the product based on ScienceTomorrow’s innovation. Identify potential customers in the target market domestic, international or both. Propose channels to reach the targeted customer. Analyze the current size of the broad market and market segments and the growth trends for the market. Develop plan to overcome the barriers to enter this market. Work with the technical team to steer technology development projects milestones to address the market opportunity and to provide a compelling value proposition. Develop cost model and revenue projection model. Research the intellectual property landscape and plan to protect the intellectual property associated with the technology.

Must be enrolled in full time degree program with major in Marketing, MBA & BBA.
Must have understanding of technical concepts and technology market. A degree in engineering/ physical science is preferred, but not required. Must possess excellent writing skills.

Mechatronic Engineer for our exciting projects in Sensor Development, Structural Stress Analysis, Structural health monitoring and Materials Developments.

Hands-on BS/MS/PhD inlectrical or related engineering/ physical sciences/ mathematics major for exciting mechatronic projects of national interests. Position in Stafford, Virginia. Please send your resume to: