Integrated coating health monitoring (ICHM):

A low-cost multi-sensor based integrated corrosion and coating health monitoring (ICHM) monitors coating health right from the initiation of corrosion during field application. The ICHM system triggers condition-based maintenance by detecting threshold of failure. The technology provides an early indication of coating damage before structural corrosion occurs so that preventative maintenance can be scheduled before coating integrity is compromised or other surface degradations. The ICHM system can be retrofitted to existing ships, submarines, and oil and gas infrastructures.

Wet Erosion Monitoring of Oilfield Equipments:

ScienceTomorrow employed the electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS) and electrochemical noise analysis (ENA) method detects early stage of the wear (wet), erosion (wet) detection, corrosion erosion, and general coating degradation in oil-field equipments (e.g., centrifugal slurry pumps). Any early indication of tribological degradation avoid expensive onsite repair in oilfields. EIS+ ENA method employs the change in the electrical characteristics due to changes in the coating, paint or surface layer to indicate progress of erosion. Any findings of severe erosion damage to the coating and progression erosion in the slurry handling system helped cost saving and maintenance avoidance. Sensor system was retrofitted to existing slurry pumps in sea water slurry application for monitoring erosion. Simple RC interpretation of the (EIS) and ENA data was used to monitor erosion, failure, degradation, delamination, and blistering of coating.